Introducing Furrow Brow planter gauge wheel blades...
When planting conditions aren't perfect, your seeding depth still can be.

Every good farmer knows that uniform emergence is crucial to getting high yields. One critical part of uniform emergence is getting consistent planting depth. There are a lot of planter designs, popular methods and attachments, all aimed at getting seeds uniformly placed at the bottom of the seed furrow –but the truth is that planting depth all starts at the depth gauge wheel. The wheels need to contact the ground and they need to be ROUND! That sounds pretty simple, but in actual practice there are conditions in almost every field which make that difficult –at least some of the time. In a perfect world, soil at planting time would be sufficiently dry and friable to the extent that it didn’t cling to planter parts. Often, this is the case on 90% of a field, but the other 10% of the field is a little sticky. Sometimes the surface is dry, but the soil below clings to openers or coulters, which bring out lumps of the damp soil or mud which then cling to the depth gauge wheels. Result: lumpy, out-of-round depth gauge wheels cause uneven planting depth and bouncing of the row unit itself. And soil carried on the gauge wheels affects the acres far beyond where the problem starts, such that uneven planting depth occurs even in areas of the field where soil conditions are ideal.

Introducing Furrow Brow –a simple, inexpensive, and durable solution to build-up on planter depth gauge wheels Furrow Brow is not a scraper, as it never actually touches the gauge wheel. Nor does it need adjustment. Properly installed, it is placed directly between the pivot arm bolt and the wheel and centered within the range of motion of the wheel, such that its distance from the wheel is consistent no matter where the wheel is within that range of motion. It will not remove every speck of dirt from the wheel on every rotation, but it will “knock off” any lumps large enough to seriously affect planting depth. In ideal soil conditions –it does nothing. Isn’t that what you want it to do?

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