Furrow Brow, LLC
When planting conditions aren't perfect... your planting depth can be.

America's farmers are the world's most prolific innovators. From the steel plow to precision farming, the continuous drive to produce more with less has driven an unrelenting stream of agricultural innovation.

The Furrow Brow gauge wheel blade (so named for it's similarity to an eye brow) is just one more piece in a long line of planter innovations. Born out of need in the wet spring of 2007, the first Furrow Brows were a straight, flat blade welded in a T formation to a connection tab and fastened to the pivot bolt on each depth gauge wheel arm of a single John Deere planter. Simple but effective, they allowed for consistent planting depth through and around the wet spots that dominated fields on our Iowa farm that spring.

So effective, they were, that they went almost unnoticed, riding around on the planter for seven more years. They were working, of course, but the problem that they had solved on so many acres in 2007 went relatively unnoticed in the springs that followed because they just worked so well.

In 2015, a newer and larger planter was placed in service on our farm. A single season of planting without Furrow Brows was all it took to convince me that a new set needed to be produced for my planter. This led to the 2016 development of the current tire-contoured blade and the subsequent patent application and commercialization of this unique product. As of August 10, 2021, the product now enjoys the protection of US Patent 11,083,124 B2.

Furrow Brow, LLC was created to produce and market this new innovation while I (the inventor) enjoy being primarily engaged in production agriculture. After all... where would agriculture be, where would America be, and what would we all be eating if John Deere had made only one steel plow?